Thursday, September 13, 2012

Honest Company Family Essentials Sample Kit Review - Eco Friendly Monthly Subscription Box

Honest Company Essentials Sample Kit Review - Eco Friendly Monthly Subscription

When I originally read about the Honest Company, I thought it was for families with children (they offer eco-friendly diaper subscriptions).  Thanks to My Subscription Addiction reader Amanda, I learned that they also offer a wide array of eco-friendly household products - I had to sign up!

Honest Company Family Essentials Sample Kit Review - Eco Friendly Monthly Subscription
This review is of the Honest Company Essentials Sample Kit. (They also offer a diapers sample kit). It's free - I just had to pay $5.95 for shipping. It's a great way to sample the products before you commit to a full-size monthly subscription.

Honest Company Family Essentials Sample Kit Review - Eco Friendly Monthly Subscription

The Box: The Honest Company

The Cost: Try a free discovery kit and only pay $5.95 shipping. The Family Essentials monthly kit (5 full size products) is $35.95. The Honest Diapers monthly bundle is $79.95.

COUPON CODE: Use code JOIN2GET10 to save $10 on your first full size monthly kit!

The products: The family essentials kit has eco-friendly household essentials like laundry detergent, soap, sunscreen, shampoo, etc. You can customize it each month. The Honest Diapers bundle has enough diapers and wipes to last an entire month.

Honest Company Family Essentials Sample Kit Review - Eco Friendly Monthly Subscription

Honest Shampoo and Body Wash in Sweet Orange Vanilla - 1 oz

This sort of smells like a delicious cream-sicle and is sulfate free! It measures up to my other sulfate free shampoos. 

Honest Face and Body Lotion (Fragrance Free) - 1 oz

This lotion is thin, dries quickly and keeps my skin moisturized. I love it for my body but probably wouldn't use it on my face.

Honest Healing Balm (Fragrance Free) - 1 oz

This balm is very similar to aquaphor and seems to work just as well, plus it's organic. 

Honest Company Family Essentials Sample Kit Review - Eco Friendly Monthly Subscription

Honest Laundry Detergent Free and Clear - 2 oz

This sample can do two laundry loads if you have an HE washer, or one load with a regular washer. This sample also was my favorite in the box! I've been in the process of replacing all my household cleaning products with green alternatives, and laundry detergent was a tough one for me. I couldn't find a green detergent that cleaned as well as Tide - until now! I am adding this to my monthly full size subscription ASAP!

Honest Hand Soap in Organic Lemongrass - 2 oz

I love hand soap samples like this for traveling where hotels typically only give you bar soap. I love the lemon scent of this soap so I'll be adding it to my monthly subscription as well.

Verdict: Honest Company is one of my favorite new discoveries.  The product quality is top-notch and I love that I can customize each month's box. For my first month I think I'll pick: Honest Laundry Detergent, Honest Dishwasher Pods, Honest Oxy-Boost, Honest Stain Remover, and Honest Fruit and Veggie Wash.

Have you sampled other Honest products? Any favorites you recommend?

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  1. Liz, I got mine too, and I LOVE the cleaning and the body care products. I will be subscribing to the FULL SIZE monthly package of 5 full size products of my choice for $39. My maid is going to be in FREAK OUT mode when all the stinky cleaners are gone!! ( She doesn't speak English, so think how much easier it will be for her to clean with only 2-3 products!!!)

    I am SO thrilled with this company. The presentation of their samples was so pretty, and my box was shipped Fed Ex. THIS is a company which cares about its customers, IMO. I am not affiliated with any company in any way, of course. :)

    1. We've been using their products since last spring for my (now) two-year-old son. The diapers are super-cute and the sampler kit has been great for traveling. I have been really impressed with the variety of products they've introduced since starting up -- we especially like the sunscreen, hand soap and healing balm, and in our last order we tried the fruit and veggie wash. Next summer I will get the insect repellent. I am interested to know how the dishwasher tabs work; we tried Seventh Generation tabs and they were awful, I still have more than half the box because I can't bear to throw it away, but the detergent never fully rinsed and left spots and film on everything!

  2. Am I missing something? When I try to get the free sampler it asks me if my youngest child is a boy or girl. I don't have kids and wanted to try the products you got. How do I get around it?

  3. Lisa, that's why neither Liz nor I realized that there is ANOTHER sample pack available. Just pick a girl and slide the weight and age to the max. When you get past that screen, you will have the choice of either the baby diaper/ wipes bundle OR the Family Essentials sample bundle. Choose the Family Essentials bundle. :)
    They ship Fed Ex, and I think you will be very pleased!!

    I emailed them about the " baby screens" at the beginning, and I think they are in the growth process and are planning to modify that part. It is daunting to see babies on the sign in process. :)
    Just keep on going. :)


  4. The friends and family I shared the healing balm with can not stop raving about it. I love it as well. For bug bites, new tattoos, general skin irritation, whatever, it's the bomb. The dish soap is now the only dish soap we use at my office. And I totally agree about the detergent. I'm getting the dishwasher pods in my monthly pack this month and I hope they're good.