Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Monthly Subscription Boxes Alert! Juniper!

New Monthly Subscription Boxes Alert! Juniper!
The Box: Juniper

The Cost: $28 a month

The Products: Tampons and pads plus treats like tea and chocolate.

From Juniper:

"Juniper is a tampons and treats subscription aimed at redefining the monthly period experience for women. Juniper wants to turn a woman's period each month from a cause of stress into an occasion for pampering. Every cycle, a Juniper package is delivered to the subscriber before her period begins. The box includes personalized selection of tampons and other backup protection products, as well as hand-picked gourmet treats like artisan chocolates and herbal teas."

What do you think of this type of subscription service? Will you sign up?

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  1. I would never sign up for that because I have specific types of products I use for my period and its unlikely that they would send me the right kind. Plus at $28 a month I could buy myself a box of tampons that I know I like that would last more than one cycle plus have money left over to buy some really good tea and chocolate and overall it would cost less money especially if you consider the cost over a year.
    It looks as though the tampons are always going to be some typical brand so its not like a subscriber will get to try out some new brands they have never heard of to find a new favorite.

  2. I looked at the website and I see that you can specify a brand and they presumably send you a variety of tampons with different absorbency but it still doesn't explain why their service is so costly. Those extra treats and tea must be really expensive.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the service but it is waaaay too expensive for me! :( I love that you get to pick what brand of tampons they send you as that would be a deal breaker if I couldn't guarantee I'd get the kind that I use. If this service was $10/mth I would subscribe today.