Friday, October 5, 2012

Birchbox October 2012 Sneak Peek! Goop Collaboration! Monthly Beauty Subscription Boxes

This month Birchbox has two different themed boxes: a collaboration with Goop, and a box themed around transformations. Since I have two subscriptions I decided to sign up for one of each! I'm pretty excited about some of the items in the Goop box! Which box did you sign up for?

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  1. This will be my first birchbox & I chose Goop! What a funny word!

  2. I signed up for Goop - I hope it's a good one! And I hope I get it....

  3. I opted out, as Goop didn't seem for me, but I think this month is my deciding factor for seeing if I stay with BB. Their lackluster boxes the past few boxes just haven't made my $10 feel well spent. I know the Teen Vogue box was a bit of a nightmare, so it will be interesting to see if those who opted in actually get the box. I know their clause states that not everyone opting in will actually receive a box, much like the TV box.

  4. I ordered one of each box, but am extremely disappointed that they are putting Supergoop in the Goop box. What a sad cop- out for a luxury branded box. I buy Supergoop and it is NOT a luxury brand product.

    It's fall, and they are ignoring fall type products in favor of summer left overs ( just like Sample Society sending a teeny tube of self- tanner this month).

    I was also disappointed to see them drag out the Hello fragrance, although many people like it, and Benta Berry cleanser and act like they are the latest best things. Both have been in BBs for months.

    The interesting item was the Chantecaille and it's a lip gloss. Their products are very high quality in pretty packaging. I buy their eye shadows because they are so beautiful in the containers as well as applied. It will probably show up in 2 of 30 different configured boxes due to the premium cost.

    The Supergoop in the Goop box ( which obviously was not curated by anyone from Goop's site) has pretty much pushed me into adding Birchbox to my massive cancellation/ reboot effort.