Monday, September 10, 2012

Julep Maven September Mystery Box Time!

Julep Maven September Mystery Box Time!
I have never been disappointed with a Julep mystery box - I highly recommend them! This month you can select between the Polish Lover's Mystery Box (At least 4 nail polishes) or the Product Lover's Mystery Box (At least 3 products). Each box has a minimum value of $60 and could be worth up to $200.

Check out my past Julep Mystery Box here. 

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1 comment:

  1. Call me " gun shy" after the disappointments of Whimseybox and Umba box but I'm not ordering ANY more Julep mystery boxes. I ordered 2 of the July mystery boxes. One had 3 very light frosted polishes which all looked alike plus the clear base coat. Not a good value.

    The other was the Boho Glam box which SHOULD have had some colorful polishes. Again, I got the clear base coat, the hand cream, and 3 pink polishes, 2 of which had recently been featured in a Classics With A Twist monthly box because I already had them. 4 items and the clear base coat had broken to bits in shipping and the entire box was a smelly gooey mess. When I asked Julep for a refund, they told me to send the box back. They totally dishonored my integrity by disbelieving that one of their polishes could break. I ended up doing a chargeback and my feelings about their CS has changed drastically.
    They were NOT nice because it was a " Mystery Bow" and their company philosophy is that " NO ONE RETURNS AN OPENED MYSTERY BOX".
    They can keep them all for all time, as far as I'm concerned. I've been a great customer, and I was treated very suspiciously. Did I mention that the Mystery Box polishes were packaged in a paper bag? No packing materials..