Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blissmo Box Selection Time for August!

Did you select your Blissmo Box for this month yet? What did you pick? I decided to go with Skin n' Hair Care since I already received Pristine and Clean a few months ago (I recommend it) and I already get a lot of food subscription boxes!

If you aren't familiar with Blissmo Box, here are the details:

The box: Blissmo Box

The price: $19 a month plus 5.95 shipping. If you subscribe at the annual rate, the cost is $228 (free shipping). This is the option I selected since the savings were so substantial. ($71 savings)

The products: A mix of eco-friendly and organic products. From Blissmo: "We curate products that are (a) high design & quality, (b) organic / no or low toxin, (c) eco-friendly / sustainable and (d) awesome, that are safer & better for you, your family & your planet."

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