Monday, July 16, 2012

Bulu Box Review - July 2012 - Plus Coupon Code

Have you tried Bulu Box? I decided to try it out since they are letting you get your first box free with coupon code: woohoo10

The Box: Bulu Box

The Cost: $10 a month (use coupon code woohoo10 for a free first month)

The Products: Samples including vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, meal replacement, diet, energy, protein, detox, digestion, sexual health, herbs, natural remedies, endurance and more.

Green Tea Hawaii Packets - (4) Value Approx $5 total

From BuluBox: "When stired into water, Green Tea Hawaii gives you the full benefits of 70 regular cups of green tea in 2 packets."

Detour Lower Sugar Whey Protein Bar (Chocolate Chip Caramel) - Value $2.30

From Bulu Box: "With up to 83% less sugar, this bar delivers all of the body-shaping nutrition of the original but with amazingly low levels of sugar."

Ola Loa Energy Multivitamin Drink Mix (2 packets: Tropical and Orange) - Value $1.50 Total

From Bulu Box: "With refreshing effervescent delivery, your body will absorb 98% of the nutrients in Ola Loa. Stir into water or juice!"

This gets good reviews on Amazon so I'm excited to try it.

ANS Performance - HIT (High Intensity Thermogenic) - 7 day supply - Value $7

From Bulu Box: "Promotes weight loss and metabolic fat burning. In a 12-week clinical study, participants taking HIT's key ingredient lost 19 lbs more than those taking placebos."

Coromega Omega 3+D Squeeze - Value $1 Total

From BuluBox: "Omega-3 and Vitamin D help ensure the health of your heart. Eat one yummy packet alone or squeeze it onto your favorite snack."

Verdict: With the coupon woohoo10 I paid $0, but at the usual $10 it still would have been a good deal as these products value at about $17. If you are interested in supplement/fitness subscription boxes make sure to check out the Fitness and Supplements Subscription Box Directory!

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this box. I'm in the market for a food/health related subscription box and this blog proves very useful and interesting!

  2. I just orderd this box ,Im a little concerned that i did not receive a confirmation E-mail . Its these things that worry when starting a new Subscrition box . any feedback would be welcome :)