Monday, July 16, 2012

Blissmo Box Selection Time - July

Did you select your Blissmo Box yet for July? I normally know which one I want immediately, but this time nothing was really calling out to me. I ended up going with Naturally Hers. I hope it's a good box!

If you haven't selected your box yet, you have until the 23rd to make your selection.

Also an interesting line in the email from Blissmo:

"Oh, and if you're a Premier Member, you just might be getting a little something extra in your selection this month ;) "

I'm not sure what it means to be a Premier Member, but I hope I am one!

If you aren't familiar with Blissmo Box, here are the details:

The box: Blissmo Box

The price: $19 a month plus 5.95 shipping. If you subscribe at the annual rate, the cost is $228 (free shipping). This is the option I selected since the savings were so substantial. ($71 savings)

The products: A mix of eco-friendly and organic products. From Blissmo: "We curate products that are (a) high design & quality, (b) organic / no or low toxin, (c) eco-friendly / sustainable and (d) awesome, that are safer & better for you, your family & your planet."

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  1. Apparently your choice was pretty popular since it sold out pretty quickly! I look forward to seeing what you get. I opted for the Blissful Bites and I'm hungry already.

    Oh, and in case you missed it, there was a discussion on Blissmo's FB page about what a premier member is - apparently it's people who signed up for a special offer back in Jan. Meanwhile, those who signed up for the anniversary special earlier this month (like moi, yay!)are "anniversary members" and will get their own special bonuses (hopefully that means in addition to the extra box we get!!).

    1. Thanks for the details on the premier members. I also signed up for the anniversary special so hope we get a great bonus box!

      Excited to hear what you get in your Blissful Bites box as well! :)