Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blissmo Box Review July 2012

Around the 15th of each month, Blissmo Box emails you to select which box you would like to receive. (There are 3 themes each month).  The options this time were: Summer Essentials, Splendid Spa and Relaxation, and Pristine and Clean. I always need more sunscreen so I decided to go with Summer Essentials and hope for the best!

The box: Blissmo Box

The price: $19 a month plus 5.95 shipping. If you subscribe at the annual rate, the cost is $228 (free shipping). This is the option I selected since the savings were so substantial. ($71 savings)

The products: A mix of eco-friendly and organic products. From Blissmo: "We curate products that are (a) high design & quality, (b) organic / no or low toxin, (c) eco-friendly / sustainable and (d) awesome, that are safer & better for you, your family & your planet."

GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce on the Go - Value $1 each

These were the surprise of the box for me. They were really good! The packaging is really convenient, but keep in mind, you will look silly eating them :)

Awesome Bars in Salty Peanut and Coconut Pecan - Value $2.10 each

The flavors in these bars were good, but the bars were little dry. I'm wondering if I just got a bad batch?

Late July Organic Seat Salt Multi Grain Snack Chips (Gluten Free) - Value $1

Elemental Herbs Sunstick SPF  30 - Value $7.99

Yay! Chemical Free sunscreen! This was exactly what I was hoping for from this Summer Essentials box. Perfect size for my purse to always have on hand.

Wellinhand Bug a Boo Insect Repellent - Value $11

This is definitely one of my favorite products in the box. It smells great, and I've never found a great smelling insect repellent before!

Verdict: I paid $19 for about $26 worth of products. I would have paid $19 alone just to discover insect repellent that smells good! I'm very happy with this box.

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